My Story Part 2 of 3


My wife is a runner. In my home state all running events are cancelled from covid, but she found some half-marathon on the beach in November, and she could stay at the same condo we stayed before in August (they were nice condos and because of covid the deals were very good). Wife books a trip for herself and my adult daughter, and off they fly.

Fast forward to them returning home, it was a Monday late afternoon, I pick them up at the airport and that night we have unguarded, married-couple sex. A week later on a Saturday afternoon I'm at the table eating a snack, Wife comes in the house and says we need to talk. We go into the bedroom and close the door, and sitting on the floor by the bed she tells me she cheated / had sex while away the previous week.

She tells me that going back to the same condo as in August, and Jeff was still there. The Wife remembers him, and he her, and they hit it off. During her time at the condo, they hang out a little here and there, and one night while my daughter fell asleep early goes up to his room for drinks, and they end up having sex. Almost immediately after she feels horrible, erases his contact, erases the texts, goes complete no-contact. Returning home, about a week later she decided to come clean and tell me.

I did not handle it well. She was / is a good Christian woman. I had absolute, complete, blind trust in her. There are no words to describe the complete and thorough shock. The pain was worse than anything I've ever experienced, it is unbelievable how awful adultery feels. I never could have imagined.

Over the next week or so she tells me everything, and answers all my questions I feel truthfully. STD checks come back clean. She wanted to stay married and I did too, but really hard to have a clear head, the feeling of shock and hurt and loss is unbearable when you first find out.

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