Will I Be Rejected Part 2/2


Follow up to a previous post, you can read it: Will I Be Rejected?

The answer is no I wasn't, although I think she skimmed the article at best. On Sunday 5/16/2021 after a late lunch, she initiated a discussion about it. I didn't really know what to expect, and while I didn't get a gushing revelation where she was in tears and a sudden change of heart, a few things were very encouraging:

  1. She initiated some privacy to talk. This is unusual, typically we will talk in the family room and she welcomes any interruption by the kids, invites them to stay and talk, etc. I love the kids but I also feel she welcomes them to sit down to avoid having to talk to me. So the fact that she initiated a private discussion is huge progress, I think.
  2. We talked past an hour. Typically she is chomping to leave the discussion after 20 min, and anytime between 30 and 60 min she's reminding me our time is up.
  3. She stayed with me all night, after our talk we had some intimate time and then she came to the family room with me to watch TV. A typical ending to our talk is she just leaves, and kind of stays away from me for a while. So again, this is huge progress.

Now she didn't totally "get it" with being a healing force for the marriage, and she still didn't initiate any ideas or action plans. She didn't really talk about the article, didn't ask me anything, or any questions about it, or ask how accurate things were, etc. But she did agree to keep trying. Baby Steps I guess.

I meet with my IC this week, she presumably has another meeting with her IC, so we'll continue on.

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