Updates, it's been a while


To recap: Things were looking up for about a week... end of June, I think June 30th was the day, she was crying at the thought of my daughter leaving home.

Mixed Feelings These Next Few Weeks


I have an adult daughter (the one who was sleeping on the couch while my wife was getting her sex on with that guy). She's 19, graduated high school but still fairly immature, just working jobs in retail. Daughter tells us that end of July she's moving out of state to live with her friend's married sister.

I Promised Wife I Would Move, But I Didn't Promise I Would Do All The Work Pt 2/2


We're not moving yet, and the reason is that I would have to really put in a ton of effort to make it happen before she leaves for her orientation. To make this happen I would have to take initiative and lead some of the efforts. I was honest and told her that I could not do that.

I Promised Wife I Would Move, But I Didn't Promise I Would Do All The Work Pt 1/2


One of the problems in our marriage is that Wife wanted to move somewhere different, and I didn't care to. I was somewhat against it I guess but not so much dig my heels in and fight it, more like drag my feet and avoid the subject. This really hurt Wife, she had other issues going on and I wasn't there for her.

Wife Got the Job


Wife got the job and I am proud of her. I know the good feeling when passing an interview and being selected. It is a good feeling and I'm very happy for her.

Wife Job Update


Wife said the interview went well. This is the next day and there has been no update yet, which isn't surprising. In most cases no news is good news, because a rapid answer usually means "no."

Wife Has a Job Interview Tomorrow


I'm in a strange place with this interview. It doesn't pay that much but it is a foot in the door. I have two emotions going on.

There's Peace in the House but...


We have peace but we're not getting closer. I'm giving it time, I'm not sharing hurt or pain, but it is finding its way out through me being somewhat passive-aggressive.

D on hold for now


Update... D is on hold for now. Wife approached me and said that she was sorry, that she doesn't want to D and wants to work things out.

We might not be D'ing


Quick update for the journal... wife and I are talking, we might not D, not sure how it is going to go but we're talking...

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Thoughts on Marriage Counseling


While I'm waiting to emotionally process this mess, I volunteer to this journal that I feel marriage counseling made things a whole lot worse for me.

Wife said we should D


In a surprising twist, Wife seemed to have lost her patience with me and this morning told me "maybe we should D." Now, I probably put the idea in her mind because yesterday I told her that if she's not committed then I want honest answers, rip the band-aid off, I'll be OK.

Will I Be Rejected Part 2/2


Follow up to a previous post, you can read it: Will I Be Rejected?

The answer is no I wasn't, although I think she skimmed the article at best. On Sunday 5/16/2021 after a late lunch, she initiated a discussion about it. I didn't really know what to expect, and while I didn't get a gushing revelation where she was in tears and a sudden change of heart, a few things were very encouraging: