Wife Has a Job Interview Tomorrow


I'm in a strange place with this interview. It doesn't pay that much but it is a foot in the door. I have two emotions going on.

The first emotion is that I want her to get the job. I want her to start working, kill it and move up, and earn a good salary. I want her positioned so that she doesn't need my financial support at all. If she is gonna stay M, it is because she wants to stay M, and not because she needs my financial support.

The second emotion is where I don't want her to get the job, but it is because I'm hurt and offended that she devotes all her time and effort on preparing for a career, and had zero effort to read a 100 page book I wanted her to read. So it is selfish and ultimately not the outcome I want, but because I'm hurt at her for not making any effort for the M, it is a very childish emotion I'm nursing.

I do expect her to pass the interview, others have said this company is really ramping up people and it is likely she will get hired.

Either way I guess I will satisfy some part of this emotional mess.

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