Wife Job Update


Wife said the interview went well. This is the next day and there has been no update yet, which isn't surprising. In most cases no news is good news, because a rapid answer usually means "no."

Now I find myself wanting to be Wife's biggest cheerleader, rooting for her, wanting her to succeed and get this job. But the difficulty is the mixed emotions I feel... I had figured out months ago that as she was re-engaging her career, that any work on the marriage would just stop and so far I've been correct.

So here we are, waiting to hear about the possibility that she'll get hired and be on her way to a full career and good salary having started back up in her 50's. It is a really encouraging story, really cool thing to be able to do, and an accomplishment to celebrate but it basically means we're done trying to reconcile.

Although I don't think there is much loss here, I mean she was probably done reconciling months ago. She wants a fresh start, no going back, only looking ahead. Let bygones be bygones.

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