Wife Got the Job


Wife got the job and I am proud of her. I know the good feeling when passing an interview and being selected. It is a good feeling and I'm very happy for her.

However, I also know that it is likely the end of any chance at reconciling. This is what the rest of the year is going to look like:

The new job starts in early August, so that's like two months from now. In the meantime, Wife wants to move and so I see the next 8 weeks to be a mad rush of getting things ready, looking for another house, selling our current house, generally I don't know how a person could accomplish that in 8 weeks but she'll want to try.

Then when the new job starts, it begins with 6 weeks orientation and training, out of state. There are weekends free to come home, which might happen once, and I might go see her on a weekend, but she'll be really busy.

Then late September she'll be hitting the road and travelling about half time. She'll be busy, there will be a lot for her to do.

Here's the interesting thing... when she was throwing herself full speed into restarting her career, I told her I was happy for her, but I told her that the marriage was already rocky and needed a lot of attention, and once she starts down this path I said I was concerned that any reconciliation is going to stop. It will take a big back seat to her career. I think three times I had said this, each time was an opportunity for her to correct me, or tell me otherwise, something... and she never did.

So, I had been giving it time, holding out hope that she would be willing to come to the table and help rebuild the marriage. So while I'm still not giving up yet, I'm getting a clearer picture that the marriage is over.

I'm sad about it but at the same time this is a good thing. The money isn't very good yet, but she will advance and increase, and this does solve a big concern of mine of having to continue alimony while trying to carve out a retirement for myself with whatever is left.

So I'm proud and happy for her, but it is a mixed feeling.

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