I Promised Wife I Would Move, But I Didn't Promise I Would Do All The Work Pt 1/2


One of the problems in our marriage is that Wife wanted to move somewhere different, and I didn't care to. I was somewhat against it I guess but not so much dig my heels in and fight it, more like drag my feet and avoid the subject. This really hurt Wife, she had other issues going on and I wasn't there for her.

Moving into another house is one of the big issues that came up after D-Day, and I felt bad. Yes I was (still am) very hurt over her adultery, but my faults stand on their own and need to be atoned for. So I agreed to move, but I told her I would need a little time to re-calibrate.

Wife is out of touch and she's thinking I need only a couple weeks to get right with things, so she starts looking at houses maybe two months or so after D-Day, and I can't even think about that. She plays it cool and drops it for now.

Fast forward a few more months and she's talking about it again, and I told her that yes, I agreed to moving and will be open to the location, I have just a few requirements that I need and she can choose everything else. So I agree to move and I don't hate the idea, but emotionally I'm not in a good place yet.

In the meantime she's thrown herself full-steam ahead into re-starting her career and has been 100% busy from that, she got her education and her licensing and all that up to date, and started applying to places. With a rocky marriage and a career revival, Wife decides that she must also pursue her desire for moving.

She gets more serious, gets in touch with realtors who start calling, someone comes out to the house to get ours put on the market, we buy some landscaping services, hire some workers to get the house ready, she starts receiving emails for listings, etc. All the while I'm watching this unfold and wondering what she's thinking about plans and details, and still nursing a deep hurt that she has time and energy for everything else other than dealing with the adultery and rebuilding the marriage.

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